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PVC Coated Overlay film for Inkjet printing
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Item NO.: CO-I

Name: PVC Coated Overlay for Inkjet

Specification :  A4¡Á0.08mm
Packing size:442¡Á330¡Á250mm
Packing weight:35kg

Application: Coated Overlay for Inkjet PVC is mainly used to protect the surface of cards which are printed with water-based inkjet print and silk printing, Such as VIP cards, member cards etc.

Color: Transparent
Components and natures: it¡¯s mainly rigid polyvinyl chloride film and water-based polyurethane adhesives.

Features: glossy surface, high peeling strengthen, excellent initial adhesive strength,continuing strength and suitability for a variety of inks, it¡¯s chemically stable,anti-yellowing, and will not distort after lamination.

Usage: Put coated overlay together with core sheet (printing side inward), and put into laminator, normal Lamination process for reference: temperature (130¡æ-150¡æ), pressure(12Mpa), duration (25min for hot pressure, 20min for cold pressure), take out for punching. Process can be adjusted according to your machine and core sheets.

Guarantee period 2 years
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