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Inkjet Printing PVC Sheet - Transparent
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Item NO.£ºPS-I-T
Product name:  Inkjet Printing PVC Sheet Transparent
Color :Transparent matte
Specification :  A4¡Á0.3mm
Packing size:442¡Á330¡Á200mm
Packing weight:30kg
Printer Type:Four, six color inkjet printer,Such as: Epson\HP\Canon\Lexmark etc. desktop printer series; inkjet printer; photo printer; plane printer;
Ink Type:Dye ink\pigment  ink\Indoor portrait\Printing ink and Outdoor portrait\Printing ink.

Product  Feature:
Using high performance materials and special print coating to ensure products high-quality printing effect, meanwhile have large ink absorption capacity and fast drying characteristics  to make the print screen colorful, accurate color reproduction, wide color gamut;  clear images, high sharpness lines, suitable for production with landscape, portrait, text high-quality card; In addition, printing ink droplet in once contact with the coating, it will be trapped together firmly by the coating ingredients , so the image has excellent stability, long life of the card.

Technical specification:
Suitable for variety inkjet printer(such as: Epson\HP\Canon\Lexmark)etc.
Appearance:transparent matte, Smooth and clean surface, no mechanical impurities and uneven material. Thickness scope:0.3~0.38mmLaminating Temperature:110~140
Storage:Gently discharge, stored at room temperature, stack height is less than one meter.
Package: 1000 pieces\carton
Thickness0.30mm,Note:A4(210 ¡Á 297mm)format printing material is mainly used for A4 format laminating machine

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