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Inkjet Printing PVC Sheet - Ultra White
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Item NO.:PS-I-UW
Product name: Inkjet Printing PVC sheet (ultra white)
Specification :  A4¡Á0.3mm
Packing size:442¡Á330¡Á200mm
Packing weight:30kg

Product description:
Inkjet printing PVC (ultra white) specialize widely used in personalized PVC card.The surface of the material was processed by polymer layer.it is personalized type for laminated PVC card materials for special purpose. Using high performance materials and special print coating to ensure products high-quality printing effect, meanwhile have large ink absorption capacity and fast drying characteristics  to make the print screen colorful, accurate color reproduction, wide color gamut;  clear images, high sharpness lines, visual effect is perfect. Using hot glue and draping, simplify the fabrication process, save time, high bonding strength. High quality PVC coating is exquisite, back glue is good, suitable for making all kinds of CARDS.
Printer:apply to all kinds of inkjet printers, such as Epson, Hp, Canon, Lexmark, etc.

Technical features:
Appearance: white, smooth and clean surface, no obvious mechanical impurities and uneven.
Thickness: 0.15 ~ 0.38mm thick (0.3 mm) is a standard thickness
Laminating temperature: 95 ¡æ ~ 140 ¡æ
Storage conditions: Handle with care, room temperature preservation, stacking height is less than one meter.
Protect quality period: 3 years
Sizes: A4-210 ¡Á 297mm (special specifications can be customized)

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