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The future mobile phone card will be more applications to life
From£ºWuhan Yiru Technologies Co.,Ltd  Date£º2018-07-27 11:38:44  Onclick£º4029

Experience from abroad, in Europe, Japan and other places," brush" mobile phone seat subway, buy mobile phone card payment is quite common. China's mobile phone card payment application although start later, but with the widespread use of 3G technology, mobile phone card to pay significantly accelerated. From the bus companies to understand, brush mobile phone by bus instead of coin and card, to the public means travel convenient, and can effectively avoid the monthly bus and IC card in use on all sorts of malpractices, can kill. Until the conditions are ripe, the public sector will soon carry out this way, to bring greater convenience for citizens to travel. Mobile phone for rfid-sim card" variable" electronic ticket " In order to let the general public travel convenient, our city public sector are R & D bus mobile payment system, estimation of time is not long, the public will soon be able to use this new technology." The bus company relevant responsible person said, the brush to achieve mobile phone on a bus is the premise of the public sector is implemented by 3G technology. Currently, bus companies have nearly 2000 vehicles to install a 3G monitoring system, including intelligent scheduling system, patrol system and monitoring system are enabled for mobile payment, mobile phone created conditions. On this basis, the public sector to the existing bus card reader of renewal and renovation of equipment. To the public, do it in their mobile phone to replace a rfid-sim card can realize mobile card payment. Relevant experts, the multifunctional intelligent card in the industry known as the RFID SIM card, and a mobile phone SIM card in some similar. This card is installed in the mobile phone, to achieve a short distance identity recognition and financial objective. RF - SIM card through the SIM card close identification chip, extended the traditional mobile phone SIM card function, is the future of mobile phone use basic vector.

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