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HP Indigo Digital Printing PVC
From£ºWuhan Yiru Technologies Co.,Ltd  Date£º2018-07-27 11:43:26  Onclick£º2409

The new trend of the HPINDIGO electronics printing lead CARDS

Since HP Indigo - into the fabrication area, by more and more card factory acceptance and affirmation, this version without electronic is gradually replace the traditional printing ink printing.
System in tianjin public security bureau of the second generation id card card special printing machine and bidding, HP Indigo digital fabrication machine, with its excellent image quality, fast and efficient industrial production capacity, and precision and changeable anti-fake function in many competing firms in the top again, become tianjin printing of the second generation id card only the winning model.
HP Indigo digital fabrication machine is the only after numerous professional CARDS manufacturers (such as tianjin global magnetic card co., guangdong zhongshan of China, shenzhen huamao content, etc.) and around the world authority (the international organization for VISA, the international PANTONE organization, etc.) professional fabrication equipment, and in the ministry of public security technical measure for total score first. HP Indigo digital printing products are all over the world within the scope of the absolute leading edge, pioneered the first digital printing machines since 1993, now accounts for more than half of the global digital printing equipment. As early as in 2000, with 97.3 million people, Mexico is using the HP Indigo printer to print the id card.
HP Indigo with electronic liquid inks and laser imaging technology, image resolution of 800 dpi ~ 2400 dpi, printing hang network 175 lpi, 195 lpi, 230 lpi, will offset printing quality and electronic imaging technology is simple, flexible and easily combine, guarantee the image printing colour is gorgeous, clear hierarchy; Group can also optional configuration add 1 ~ 2 color printing system, 6 color printing, a combination of a variety of anti-counterfeiting means: you can print the color ink, fluorescent ink, microletters, water lines, data and variable barcode and color, and greatly strengthened the security of card issuing and the resulting high added value.
Electronic liquid particle diameter of only 1.5 microns, far less toner, toner and other solid so that the image text displayed on the medium height, avoid the identification, due to image text convex surface wear, further improve the service life of the documents, ensure the quality of the id card.
HP Indigo belong to industrial production equipment, printing speed quick, can meet the requirements of accreditation of large-scale production, continuous boot production, can meet not less than 16 ~ 24 hours/day continuous work; Id card of the production cost is very low, according to the printing process standards, id card cost is less than 2 cents each.
In August 2003, by the Beijing economy dispatch technology co., LTD. All bids HP Indigo digital printing card machine in the ministry of public security system of the second generation id card card dedicated printer project bidding in the bidding, become the second generation of resident identity card special printing machine. The second generation of resident identity card project is a systems engineering with 21st century high-tech level, need the support of high-tech and manufacture. Won the bidding activities in tianjin public security bureau, HP Indigo press digital printing card machine the concentrated reflection of the technical characteristics, more shows the HP Indigo in the fabrication industry advantage.
The company launched the PVC digital printing suitable for HP (Indigo), Konica Minolta (Konica Minolta), MGI, Fuji Xerox (Xerox) such as digital printing machine printing, material surface polymer layer processing, printed graphic design accurate color reproduction, visual effect is good.
With Indigo, leading the market trend!

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