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Introduction to the Industry of Internet of Things
From£ºWuhan Yiru Technologies Co.,Ltd  Date£º2018-07-27 11:48:18  Onclick£º2424

 "Internet of Things" is a number of technologies and research disciplines that enable the Internet to reach out into the real world of physical objects. Technologies like RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device), short-range wireless communications, real-time localization and sensor networks are now becoming increasingly common, bringing the Internet of Things into commercial use. They foreshadow an exciting future that closely interlinks the physical world and cyberspace - a development that is not only relevant to researchers, but to corporations and individuals alike.

From "Smart Earth" to "Sensing China", the Internet of Things has become a globally eye-catching key word in recent years. It was ranked one of the two important tools for revitalizing the economy by the US, defined as the basic strategy to make the Europe the leader of the world by EU and introduced as a part of the strategical plan of emerging industries by China.

In such a field of Internet of Things that is of strategically significance, China has by now ranked ahead of the world. No matter in terms of policies, technologies or the industrial chain, China's development of the Internet of Things is provided with an outstanding advantage and has hard-won development opportunities.

The research and development of the network has been booming in China since the second half of last year after the government decided to promote the promising industry, along with industries such as new energy, new materials and information networks. Especially the upcoming "Twelfth Five-Year", the Internet of Things enjoys a prosperous development. China is speeding up on development of "Internet of Things", making it a new engine for economic growth and an opportunity to catch up with the developed countries; it will lead the development of global economic growth and become the chasing hot of various capitals.

Internet of things will bring thousands of billion of chain size for China, its application will cover dozens of industries, such as logistics, transportation, agriculture, manufacture, healthcare, security, smart home, tourism, military, and etc. In next three years, the technologies will be commonly used in smart grid, smart home, digital city, smart healthcare and vehicle sensors, the market will achieve 3000 billions RMB.

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